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Welcome to the wiki! We are a group dedicated to teaching and providing you with skills, techniques and tactics for you to fight, kill and win in any game!

For example, where can I go to get a better chance of getting a mythic weapon in Or perhaps you would like some secret tricks and moves in PUBG and Fortnite? Maybe just some must-win techniques for a normal game? If you are interested in knowing any of these, the plunge deep into the world of... MythicGunners Wikia!

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Games, games, games. Everything is about games nowadays. Whether it's a heated discussion about which weapon is the best in Fortnite, or perhaps a little match in the midsts of Clash Royale, maybe even a special Halloween event organized by the game developers, games are everywhere. And you've got to know how to play like a pro.

If you're a pro, go ahead and show your skills in the battlefields in whatever game you're specialized in. Gain fame, maybe even a famous Youtube gaming channel, and you will probably become the talk of the town.

But what if you're, well, just not that good at playing this kind of stuff? 

That's when MythicGunners Wikia comes into play.

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